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Stunning examples of beadwork on deerskin clothing, suede moccasin boots, Indian drums, baskets and pottery from the New Mexico and Arizon Pueblos, Plains Indian cradleboards and rugs are on display at 2 Star Trading in Santa Fe, NM

Imagine entering a lovely home in historic Santa Fe. The first things you see are handsome paintings by Southwest artists, including the Taos Society of Artists and the Santa Fe Art Colony. All around you are beautiful Native American art objects. All of the treasures of the Southwest are at your fingertips as well as wonders of design from the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. As you come deeper into the gallery, more beautiful pieces meet your eye. Here is an Acoma pot by Lucy Lewis and there a wonderful Pomo basket from California. Nearby is a striking Navajo transitional blanket and over here is a handsome Sioux dress.

On the walls are Navajo textiles: Teec Nos Pos, Crystals. Yeis, Ganados. On the shelves you see baskets, kachinas, and pots. Baskets from California, the Southwest and other areas demonstrate the wonderful weaving of tribes such as the Pomo, Paiute, Apache, Pima, Klamath, Hupa, Karok and Tlingit. Many pots from San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Acoma, Laguna and other pueblos show their beauty.

In the showcases are Zuni, Hopi and Navajo silver and turquoise jewelry. There is wonderful Zuni inlay and needlepoint work. Well-known designers such as Loloma, Leekya, Kenneth Begay, Lambert Homer, and Preston Monagaye are represented. Turquoise from many mines is on display - Lone Mountain, Carico Lake, Red Mountain, Bisbee.

Another showcase holds Mexican designer jewelry. You will find pieces by William Spratliing, Hector Aguilar, Antonio Pineda, Frederick Davis, Los Castillos, Margot de Taxco and others.

Perhaps you love beadwork - this is the place to be! Indian groups from the East Coast to West Coast are represented here. There are moccasins made by the Apaches, Delewares, Arapahos and Utes, as well as men’s vests and women’s dresses made by the Sioux and Nez Perce. Strike-a-lights and amulets and pipe bags show the beautiful work of the Cree and Cheyenne. There are cradles made by Pueblo Indians and other groups.

Of course, there are many paintings and prints. They are works by famous Southwest artists such a Leon Gaspard, Sheldon Parsons, Ila McAfee, Helen Blumenschien, Thomas Morang, Gene Kloss, Josef Bakos Andrew Dasburg and many others.

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