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Hi, my name is Ziggy! I run a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have just moved the gallery to a new location and are open by appointment. I love our new place! The house has so much more room for showing art and exploring. Everyone says it is beautiful. And I have a huge yard to play in!

I have learned more about antique American Indian art, Mexican tourist pottery, and California baskets, but my head gets so full that I still need a lot of naps. I still have good teachers.

First, there is Jan Duggan (otherwise known as Mom) who has been in the business about twenty-five years. She has done many shows all over the country. She loves Southwestern and California baskets and Plains beadwork. She can tell you the difference between Apache baskets and Pima baskets or whether a pair of moccasins is Sioux or Cheyenne.

Then there is James Aumell, who manages the gallery. He has had businesses in Santa Fe for over thirty-five years. He specializes in American Indian jewelry and turquoise. Did you know that there are many, many kinds of turquoise? There is turquoise from Nevada like Orville Jack and turquoise from Arizona like Bisbee and Lone Mountain. There is also turquoise from Iran and China!

I hope you’ll come visit me! I’d love to show you the new gallery. There are showcases full of jewelry from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and other pueblos. It’s all sterling silver and hand wrought or made from tufa casts. Pottery is one of my favorites. We have pots from Tesuque, San Juan, Nambé, Santo Domingo, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Zuni and Acoma.

We have all sorts of Plains beadwork and Plateau beadwork; I like all the colors. There are vests and dresses and moccasins and pipe bags and awl cases. We have Arizona baskets such as Apache, Pima and Yavapai; there are also California baskets like Pomo, Maidu, Hupa, Karok, Mono and Mission.

And we have more art. I like the art although it is hard to see for someone who is only 8” tall! There are New Mexico artists such as Kloss, Gaspard, McIIfe, Parsons, Hurley, VonHassler, Blumenshein, Biss, Bakos, Willard Clark, Fremont Ellis, Dasburg, Davidston and Morang.

And there’s even lots more to see. Call us for an appointment and Il’ll show you around.
~Love, Ziggy

P.S. Please don't tell Mom about the sign we made...oh, and I accept treats!
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